Mandala plant – Brighton Hostel pt.1 – Mural 2017

Brighton Hostel pt.1

So I was asked to go to Brighton, England to help in the redecoration of a hostel that had recently changed hands. The place was in dire need of some colour and energy as the rooms, hallways and basement lounge area let in little light. As well as doing the boring banisters and skirting boards. I was allowed to do as I wished in some of the rooms, doors and corridors. This design was the first I completed, I used Posca pens and acrylic paint to try to liven up this grim, simple space. The door its painted on is down the bottom of a staircase, next to a door that led into the basement lounge area. There is no natural light or potted plants down there so I decided to paint a growing mandala plant that goes from some simple circular designs to a fully, flourished, semi-circular mandala.



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