Colourful Corner – Brighton hostel pt.2 – Mural 2017

The biggest, most accessible space I got to work with in the Brighton hostel was in the gloomy basement lounge area. It is a big space with several sections but despite a newly painted partition exposed wires and old, worn tables do not make the space a place where people would like to relax. I couldn’t buy new furniture but I could add a little colour and fun. I used the door in the middle to break up the design and spread the colour of the jazzy mandalas which stack up around it like their trying to get in. The colours I used were bright and joyful to counteract the rest of the rooms atmosphere. A bulging, black, wavy line transports the design around the corner where the spherical mandalas remain but are now joined by a think straight line that opens into some paisley petals. My hope was that the mandalas bring a shining light and a floral essence to the room while the changing lines provide some fluidity in the big, boxy basement.



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